Orbis Linguarum
ISSN: 1426-7241 • e-ISSN: 2657-4845 • DOI: 10.23817/olin • Rejection rate: 25% (2021)

Information for Authors

The Editorial Board of “Orbis Linguarum” asks authors to comply with the following rules of formatting and submitting materials for publication. Texts should be written in the WORD editor. A scholarly paper should not exceed 50,000 characters and a review 25,000 characters. All texts must include a reference list of subject and object literature, keywords in the language of the text and the title, abstract and keywords in English. Texts must be sent by the end of May of the given year in electronic form to the e-mail address of the editor-in-chief: edward.bialek@uwr.edu.pl. Do not send printouts or data carriers.


  • preparation for print: A4 format, formatting: 12 pt. Times New Roman
  • justified text
  • footnotes automatically inserted using a special option in the WORD editor: 10 pt., references in superscript; line spacing 1.0
  • standard margins: top - 2.5 cm, bottom - 2.5 cm, left - 2.5 cm, right - 2.5 cm
  • do not use paragraph indentation
  • write the ORCID number after the author’s first and last name, underneath state the affiliation
  • the title should be written in Times New Roman 14 pt; subtitle: Times New Roman 12 pt.
  • do not use automatic hyphenation
  • save the document as *.doc, *.docx or *.rtf file (for MS Word)


  • drawings, diagrams and charts should be legible, made in Microsoft Windows editable programs, and submitted additionally in separate files in JPG format
  • photographs should be submitted additionally in JPG format
  • each graphic element not made by the author should be preceded by a record of the source from where it came; if the quoted graphic elements are protected by copyright (this also applies to files from the Internet), written permission is required from the original author or the copyright owner for the free use of these materials in the paper (copies of the statements should be sent to the Editorial Board).


The Bibliography should be followed by keywords in Polish, then: title, abstract and keywords in English.


All texts, illustrations, diagrams, tables, etc. derived from other works (including the Internet) are protected by copyright. Inclusion of copyrighted material in the book will be possible with the provision that the Author provides the Editorial Board with written permission from the copyright owner.


Book by one author
B. Rokicki, Motyw gór w liryce polskiej, Jelenia Góra 2019.

Edited volume
A. Baran, I. Mikuć, E. Radecki (eds.), Pieśni religijne w szkole, Wrocław 2013.

Edited volume - article, chapter
H. Uchto, O nowej poezji ukraińskiej, [in:] Kultura Ukrainy po Majdanie, ed. E. Jastrzębska, Zielona Góra 2011, pp. 24–38.

Journals - article or fragment
L. Solski, Moje sukcesy, moje porażki na scenie, “Z tajemnic teatru” 2000, no 9, pp. 19–42.

Online sources
J. Dulęba, Socjalizacja literacka, Warszawa 2018, http://www.ibuk.pl/literatura_w_czasach_dominacji_mediow_elektronicznych.html [accessed: 09.07.2020].

Abbreviations used must be written in uniform form throughout the text. Bibliographic items included in the bibliography should be arranged in alphabetical order by authors' surnames and, in the case of edited volumes – by the surnames of the editors.