Orbis Linguarum
ISSN: 1426-7241 • e-ISSN: 2657-4845 • DOI: 10.23817/olin • Rejection rate: 25% (2021)

General information

The journal “Orbis Linguarum” is of an academic nature. The members of the Editorial Board and the authors of published texts do not receive payment for their cooperation. Individual issues of the journal are made available on the website. The authors of texts and the publisher of “Orbis Linguarum” are the owners of the copyrights. The responsibility for obtaining permission to publish material whose copyright is held by third parties lies with the authors of the individual studies. The Editorial Board is not responsible for the views and conclusions contained in the published texts.

The Editorial Board of the “Orbis Linguarum” journal reserves the right to select texts and other materials submitted for publication. Texts preliminarily accepted for publication by the Editorial Board are sent to members of the Scientific Board and to reviewers. The requirement for acceptance for publication is to obtain two positive opinions from reviewers and the high scientific value of the article should be confirmed by them. The names of all reviewers together with their affiliation are listed on the editorial page.