Orbis Linguarum
ISSN: 1426-7241 • e-ISSN: 2657-4845 • DOI: 10.23817/olin • Rejection rate: 25% (2021)

Review procedure

Each text is accessed by two reviewers; they do not know the name(s) of the author(s). Opinions are presented in review forms. The reviewer makes one of three decisions that are binding for the Editorial Board:

  • he/she does not recommend the reviewed text for publication,
  • he/she proposes to publish it without substantive changes, or
  • he/she recommends the outright implementation of substantive changes indicated in the review.

The author of the article must then either submit a corrected version that takes into account all the reviewer's recommendations or resign from publishing the text.

The editors of the journal reserve the right to make the final decision on the publication of submitted texts from among those that have received two positive reviews.