Orbis Linguarum
ISSN: 1426-7241 • e-ISSN: 2657-4845 • DOI: 10.23817/olin • Rejection rate: 25% (2021)

About the journal

“Orbis Linguarum” is a peer-reviewed, multilingual annual, included in the ministerial list of ranked journals with a score of 70 points, in which scientific papers and reviews in the areas of literary, linguistic and cultural studies are published. The journal was established in 1994 and was published for several years as a quarterly, then as a biannual; today it serves the next generation of philologists and cultural studies scholars as a platform for scientific discourse of various environments and trends in contemporary humanities. To date, it has published texts by scholars from 26 countries around the world. Among the more than fifty issues are monographic and monolingual editions, as well as volumes dedicated to great figures of Polish and European science. Multilingual editions with articles in Polish, English, French and German predominate. The evaluation of submitted texts is carried out by an international group of reviewers, thanks to which the journal has been synonymous with high quality for over a quarter of a century, and the dissertations and essays published in it are characterised by scientific value, coherence, clear argumentation and express the respect of their authors for the readers of the periodical, which is available in the major research libraries in Poland, Germany, France and Austria.

The journal, affiliated with the Institute of German Studies, University of Wrocław, is edited by the Editorial Board consisting of an editor-in-chief, vice editor-in-chief and content editors.

The substantive level of the journal is overseen by the Scientific Board, composed of eminent scholars from Poland and abroad (France, Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Sweden, Ukraine). The primary version of the journal is the printed version.

Since 1997, the book series “ORBIS LINGUARUM Special Editions” (Wydania Specjalne ORBIS LINGURARUM) has been released, in which so far 120 individual and collective monographs in various languages have been published.


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